DNN Widgets

DNN Widgets

DNN Widgets are client-side applications that run in the website visitors web browser using any form of JavaScript that you’d like. The DNN Widget framework allows you to use JavaScript to create client-side interactions to make your job easier for creating a more usable and interactive experience for your visitors.


Starting with DotNetNuke 5.0, the DotNetNuke platform has included a Javascript-based Widgets framework for dynamically injecting client-side interactivity into skins and modules. These can be installed via standard DotNetNuke Manifests by using the Widget Component.

Adding Widgets to DotNetNuke skins and modules to add interactivity.

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The following articles were written by Nik Kalyani, the creator of the widget framework.

DNN Widget Suite - The Widget Suite is a suite of widgets that you can install and use on your DotNetNuke websites to create robust and usable features in your site.

How to Create a DotNetNuke Widget