Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook Image Sizes

Facebook Image Sizes and Dimensions Sheet

Improve the quality of images you upload and display on Facebook, by using the right dimensions, resolution and features for the job.

Below are image sizes and dimensions for Facebook profiles, cover photos, custom tab pages, and timeline images. We hope you find this useful.

Timeline Page Sizes


Cover Photo: 851x315px with a gap of 210px and 23px around Profile Photo.
Profile Picture: 160x160px but uploaded at 180x180px.
Latest Photo Block: 111x74px
App Images: 111x74px
Timeline Profile Picture: 32x32px
Time Line Preview: 403x403px
Video Preview: 403x226px
Thumbnail: 156x116px
Highlight Video Post or Milestone: 843x403px
About Us: 255 characters appear on timeline page.
Status Update: Up to 63,206 characters.
Title Tag: Up to 100 characters.
Meta Description: Varies depending on thumbnail and title size.

News Feed Sizes

News Profile Picture: 50x50px
Shared Image: 398x296px or 296x398px or 320x320px.
Sponsored Story Profile Picture: 32x32px
Video Profile: 403x226px
Video Link Preview: 130x73px
Shared Link Thumbnail: 90x90px
Shared Link Title: Up to 100 characters.
Meta Description: Varies depending on thumbnail and title size.


URL Ad Thumbnail: 100x72px
Page Ad Profile Picture: 50x50px
Post Ad Profile Picture: 32x32px
Post Image: 90x118px or 128x72px or 50x50px or 120 characters for all text.
Sponsored Stories Fan Picture: 50x50px
Sponsored Stories Profile Picture: 32x32px
Premium Page Post Profile Picture: 50x50px or 185x104px or 168x128px.

Facebook Photo Albums

Photo Albums can contain up to 1,000 photos. The maximum image size for uploading to your company albums or timeline is 2048 x 2048 pixels. The maximum display size within a photo album is 960 x 720 pixels (landscape orientation).