QR Code Fails

QR Code Fails

As QR codes continue popping up everywhere and becoming more mainstream, QR code critics have more and more fodder. So many people use them wrong, diminishing their value for those who use them right.

What is QR best practice?

  • Make sure the QR code serves a purpose and adds to the user experience.
  • Make sure it leads to a mobile optimized site.
  • Consider location. Look to place them where people have the time and opportunity to notice and scan them.
  • Don’t just use QR for the sake of it. You’re spoiling it for those that use it well.
  • Put it where people will notice it.
  • Make the code big enough so people can scan it easily.
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA) telling users what they stand to benefit from scanning the code

Some ideas for using QR codes

  1. For local businesses, put a QR code on the door that gives people a file with your opening times, phone numbers, and website. A PDF hosted on a website is good for this. If your business has an app, of course, that’s even better, but be sure to include your hours and phone numbers in a tab in your app!
  2. For a restaurant, give a QR code with the receipt or on the menu. Have it lead to a place to sign up for an email newsletter, Facebook or Twitter page, coupons or freebies.
  3. Help Your Customers Grow Their Businesses – Google identified over 100,000 businesses in the U.S. as “Favorite Places on Google,” based on Google users’ interactions with local business listings. Each business received a window decal with a unique QR code, which passersby could scan to find information about that business, read reviews, star the business as their favorite and much more.
  4. Creative business cards – use QR codes to expand the amount of information available in a small space.
  5. Wi-Fi Network: Includes the SSID and Password for a Wi-Fi Network. If you have a guest Wi-Fi network, create a QR Code so customers can scan and be provided with the name and password to access that network
  6. Magazine/Newspaper Ad – scan the code to launch a how to video; a calendar item; or pre-filled in tweet.
  7. House For Sale Signs – add scan code that launches video or photo tour of the house.
  8. Appliances – Can’t find the instructions for the vacuum cleaner you bought two years ago? The scan code launches the appliance manual on the website.
  9. Discount Code – scan this code – now – to get a text message with the promo code to get 25% off your purchase today.
  10. Google Maps – scan code to get a walking map from here to there.
  11. Calendar Events: Print a QR Code on the back of a ticket or invitation. When it is scanned, the event will be added to your calendar.
  12. Contact Information: Print a QR Code on your business card and, when it is scanned, your contact info will be added as a vcard.
  13. Email Addresses: When scanned, it will prompt the user to send an email to the encoded address.
  14. Geo-Location: Encode a specific Latitude and Longitude and. when it is scanned, the location will open in a map. A Query (i.e. business name) can be added as well.

Need a QR code? Just Google “Free Online QR Code Generator” and off you go!