Avada Theme CSS Hacks

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Avada is the best-selling WordPress theme on Themeforest. It’s a very well developed multipurpose theme, packed with features, prebuilt layouts, customization options, and even third-party plugin integrations.

With that said… chances are, that at some point, you are going to want to change something that will require some custom CSS.

Here are a few.

Underline links within the Text Block element in pages and posts

Add this to the Custom CSS.

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Fixed Logo Width

Customize/change the display dimensions with this CSS.

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Hide logo on a particular page

Hide via page id

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Fusion Tabs Font Size

If these need adjusting, here’s the CSS.

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Hide sidebar on Mobile

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Testimonials Element

This creates a fixed height for testimonials section when testimonials are not of equal length. This will keep the element from pushing content up and down on a page.

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* This also works with the Carousel (Image) Element!

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