Essential WordPress Plugins for SEO

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Essential WordPress Plugins for SEO

Many great plugins are available to help your WordPress site when it comes to SEO, usability, and conversion.

These plugins are specifically for WordPress websites and will give your WordPress site a complete SEO overhaul. Installing them and getting to understand each plugin’s inner workings may take some time, but it is worth it to know how each plugin can benefit your site. When used correctly, your content will be more visible, potentially attracting additional traffic consisting of your target audience.

We hope this list will be useful for you. All download links are linked to official websites.

Plugin #1: WordPress SEO By Yoast

Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

Also check out Yoast’s Google Analytics Plugin.

Plugin #2: HeadSpace 2

HeadSpace is a powerful all-in-one plugin to manage meta-data and handle a wide range of SEO tasks. With it you can tag your posts, create custom titles and descriptions that improve your page ranking, change the theme or run disabled plugins on specific pages, and a whole lot more.

Plugin #3: Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog.

Plugin #4: SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY

SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY – helps you find the right keywords to rank by, in less then 2 minutes, and checks your on-page SEO in real time.

Plugin #5: Automatic SEO links

Forget to put manually your links, just choose a word and a URL and this plugin will replace all matches in the posts of your blog.

Plugin #6: NextGen Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin, and one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time, with over 6 million downloads.

Plugin #7: SEO Rank Reporter

Based on keywords you choose, the SEO Rank Reporter plugin will track your Google rankings every 3 days and report the data in an easy-to-read graph.

Plugin #8: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP displays detailed info and statistics about: number of visits, number of visitors, bounce rates, organic searches, pages per visit directly on your Admin Dashboard.

Plugin #9: Page Tagger

Page Tagger is a WordPress plugin which lets you tag your pages just like you do with your posts. It adds a tagging widget in the page-editing view in the admin interface.

Plugin #10: Social Login, Social Sharing, Social Commenting

Just install this FREE plugin to enable Social Login, Social Sharing, and Social Commenting on your WordPress site. This is the best plugin for implementing Social Infrastructure and for capturing accurate user profile data gathered from social networks. Users can also run Social Analytics to better understand their userbase. This plugin is also compatible with WordPress’s multisite plugin.




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